Up to 1960s Cabinets of curiosities, Sideshows and Freakshows are the main parts of carnivals, fairgrounds, entertainment areas and festivals.

Headless ladies, living-half ladies, sword swallowers, burlesque dancers, clairvoyants, fakirs or snake charmers: it was pretty hard to find World's Fairs or Fairground where they couldn't be present.


Today when even big traveling circus and show companies, like the American traditional circus "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey" at the beginning of 2017, announce closing, this traditional sideshows has long been a precious rarity.


As one of the last traveling sideshow companies in Continental Europe, PARADOX  SIDESHOWS  present attractions in tradition of the fairground sideshows, freak shows and curiosity cabinets - many of which are known just from films or grandparents' stories.


"There were several dozen curiosity shows to be found at Germany's fairs in the 1950s and 1960s and at least half a dozen in the late eighties. But nowadays we are the only one in Germany classic sideshow & curiosity cabinet, if not the entire Europe" - says Dominik Schmitz, director of the show company, Paradox Sideshows”.

"The variety of presented sideshows & attractions is quite large and the cultural-historical value is considerable. In addition to the 'Anatomical Wax Figure Cabinet' (1928), we also present "Mister Miller Show" and the "Revue der Illusionen" - two more showtheatres with more than 50 years of history," Schmitz continues.


In addition to mind-reader, fakirs, burlesque performances and sword-swallowers, Paradox Sideshows still presents well-known nostalgic attractions such as "Paradox, the Headless Lady" or "Arabella, the Half-living Lady" - in tradition of the fairground sideshows.


The Paradox Sideshows takes part in biggest events across Europe such as Oktoberfest in Munich, Historischen Volksfest in Stuttgart, Kermis Tilburg, Schueberfouer Luxembourg and many others.